New members enroll in a provisional year to learn more about The Junior League of Stark County, our community partners, and complete a new member project.  New member expectations include, but are note limited to:

  • Attendance at Provisional meetings.
  • Attendance at least 50% General Membership meetings. 
  • Completion of the Annual Placement Review. 
  • Payment of dues and other financial obligations, as described in Article III, Section 11 in the Policies and Procedures.
  • Completion of the Provisional training program as described by the Recruiting & Membership Development Committee.

Upon completion of the new member year, members transition to Active status.  Active members are eligible to vote and hold office (except for Sustainer VP).  To be eligible to become a Sustaining member, members must complete at least 5 years of Active service and obtain Executive Board Approval.  

Annual Dues:

  • New Member: $50/year (will be prorated based on the start date)
  • Active Member: $168/year
  • Sustaining Member: $88 /year
  • Payment plans are available if needed